The fee will be credited toward garden installation or maintenance.

The initial sales consult includes:

  • Sun exposure analysis - so you know where in your yard or deck you have enough sun to grow part shade crops like salad greens, where you have enough to grow fruiting crops like cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes, and where you just shouldn't waste your time planting anything!

  • Design discussion - we work together to figure the right design for you. Key considerations include size, spacing, plant supports, serviceability, critter protection, and irrigation.

If you’re interested in getting more from your consult, a coaching consult might be the right choice for you. Book an initial consult, and we’ll discuss if the upgrade is the right choice for you.

Garden Installations

A quote for installation of a new garden can be provided following the initial consult.

Garden Maintenance

Professional garden maintenance labor is $55 per hour, and includes many materials, such as organic fertilizer and organic pest deterrents.

Seeds and plants costs are installed based on a custom planting plan developed for you based on your selections from our order form. A draft planting plan will be sent for your review and revision prior to installation. Seed, plant, plant support, and other details are provided with the order form, which is issued following the initial consult.

Maintenance labor rate includes…


Labor included in hourly rate:

  • soil preparation

  • seed sowing

  • transplanting

  • mulching

  • weeding

  • pruning

  • trellising

  • harvesting

Material costs included in hourly rate:

  • organic pest and disease deterrents

  • organic fertilizer

  • compostable trellis clips to train plants onto supports


If after the initial sales consult you decide that Backyard Eats installation or maintenance is the right solution for you, the $55 fee will be credited toward the work.

Coaching Consults

One-hour coaching consults are $150, and include a soil analysis, and detailed follow-up email.

a minimum level of maintenance for the 2019 season, which consists of weekly visits at $55/hour (fertilizer, organic insect & disease deterrents, and harvest supplies are included in this rate). The minimum charge per visit is $18.33, or 20 minutes. Our efficient weekly application of organically-derived products will control myriad insects and diseases, contributing to unusually healthy plants that produce a bounty late into the season. The full maintenance program is the default, and includes weekly visits from our garden staff to perform weeding, pruning, training, fertilizing, harvesting. Garden staff will recommend or make irrigation adjustments if needed, and share pictures and videos from your garden via a shared Google Photos album (what's growing, how to harvest, etc.). Clients can request to opt out of as much of the full maintenance program as needed, or set a maximum charge per visit or month, while keeping the minimum level of maintenance.