The fee will be credited toward garden installation or maintenance.

The in-home consult includes:

  • Sun exposure analysis - so you know where in your yard or deck you have enough sun to grow part shade crops like salad greens, where you have enough to grow fruiting crops like cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes, and where you just shouldn't waste your time planting anything!
  • Growing technical advice - so that even if you decide Backyard Eats isn't the solution for your spot, you'll have insight into the growing methods and technologies that will save you time and money, while getting more from your garden.

If you decide that Backyard Eats is the right solution for you, the $39 fee will be credited toward garden installation or maintenance.

Garden Installation

A quote for installation of a new garden can be provided following the consult.

Garden Maintenance

All-in:  This option includes everything in the "a la carte" option.  All materials and labor are provided at $55/hour. That's it!  We visit every other week, and do everything that needs to be done to keep your garden happy, healthy, and productive.  Custom detailed planting plan, custom grown plants from the nursery, and annual soil test are all included.

A la carte:  This menu of options is provided for those who want to do more of their own garden work, or want to put a cap on how many hours Backyard Eats spends in their garden.  The minimum is 2 hours per month, at $55/hour.

  • Custom detailed planting plan: $2 per square foot for a combined spring and summer plan.
  • Order custom grown plants from the nursery: $1 per square foot that the plant takes up.  For example, greens take up 1 square foot ($1), and tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants take up 4 square feet ($4).
  • Annual soil test: $25

I'm on the fence!  Generally, the all-in option is going to work best for most clients.  For the average garden (say, two 4'x8' beds), we spend an average of 1.5 hours per visit (about 3 hours per month, except on the occasional month that there are 3 visits because visits are bi-weekly, not semi-monthly).  When you factor in the cost of the planting plan, and the plants, and consider the value added by giving our garden technicians the freedom to spend an extra half-hour here or there to keep your garden flourishing, it's a no-brainer.  But if you have the time to dedicate to your garden, and want to take advantage of Backyard Eats' garden planning expertise and custom nursery, the a la carte might work for you.

Seedlings, or "starts" are provided for each part of the growing season (early spring, spring, summer, fall, and late fall) according to a pre-order form that is provided only to our existing clients.  Schedule an initial consult to become a client!

The hourly labor rate includes...


Labor included in hourly rate:

  • soil preparation
  • seed sowing
  • transplanting
  • mulching
  • weeding
  • pruning
  • trellising
  • harvesting

Material costs included in hourly rate:

  • soil amendments
  • seeds (all-in option only)
  • transplants (all-in option only)
  • mulch
  • fertilizer

See Garden Maintenance for additional details on how we perform our sustainable services.